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Consultancy services for the publishing industry 

Many of our trainers work as professional consultants and sometimes we can offer you more bespoke and useful expertise through consultancy days.  This consultancy can come in the form of extra advice to address a particular business need, or can be to help with setting up new workflows or procedures.

Customers have found a consultancy session can be more flexible and individually tailored than attending a regular scheduled course. 

Our consultancy services include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Toy Safety

We deliver in-house training courses and consultancy sessions to help your business understand the legal requirements affecting toys and books with play value.  We can help develop the skills and awareness required to carry out risk assessments and run surgeries to help you evaluate forthcoming products.  We also offer retainer style support where there is an ongoing need - giving you access to expert advice when you need it.


In-house training and consultancy for production staff and designers that will build an understanding of how best to control colour through design, pre-press and manufacture.  We can help develop practical skills such as colour correcting and also train in Photoshop and assessing digital images. 


Digital Marketing

We can help you communicate better through digital media and use the available online tools and technologies to engage potential customers and increase visibility.  


Our InDesign training is focused on the needs of book publishers. We can train teams to use the software effectively according to their specific roles and needs and we also consult on workflows and processes.

ebook production thmb.jpg   
ebook Creation

We can provide in-house training and consultancy in all aspects of ebook creation to help you build the new skills and knowledge required to keep pace with this rapidly developing area of publishing.  From software skills to workflow and process management - our consultants can help you make the move into digital publishing.


We can provide in-house training to help teams improve their understanding of the shipping process and help ensure the smooth movement of their books around the world.

Anti Bribery Law

We offer advice and assistance to help businesses comply with the 2010 UK Bribery Act.  We can assist with the design and implementation of suitable measures to protect your business against bribery and provide general or high level training to your staff and suppliers. 

If you are interested in our Consultancy services please get in touch and we'll see how we can help.  

Call 01844 337000 or email training@imago.co.uk