Sensitive topics that can be difficult to print in China 

The following subjects are taboo or sensitive in China for political / moral reasons.

  • Tibet & the Dalai Lama
  • Religions 
  • Tienanmen Square protest 
  • Ironic illustrations or photos of Chinese leaders
  • Burma or Taiwan 

Subject areas that one might be able to print but printer will need to obtain permission/licence (this can take 6 weeks to apply for)

  • Atlases and general mapping  
  • Flags
  • Bibles
  • Sex/nudity

Imago have access to print facilities throughout Asia and Europe.  We have printing partners in Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, USA, Turkey and Western Europe.  So long as we know upfront if your project includes any material that is likely to be sensitive, we can plan production in the appropriate country.