Copyright Law in the Digital Age
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This one day course has been designed specifically for publishing staff working on product development or acquiring new publications in whatever format, who are seeking to secure and agree safe licenses and contracts.   The focus of the course is on staying compliant at all stages of the publishing process, with an emphasis on incorporating third party material safely. 

The course will help interpret the current legal copyright framework and relate it to the practical business priorities publishers face - all in accessible non lawyer language.

You will also gain a good understanding of what the current IP legislation (UK & Europe) means in a commercial context, and how it impacts on the publishing process, whether in print or e-formats.  

Participants will be encouraged to develop their own policy for compliance and risk assessment to help them avoid legal pitfalls and costly challenges.  

Who is the course aimed at?
Highly relevant both to experienced staff looking to keep up to date with legislative changes and to newcomers who are tackling copyright and IP management issues for the first time.
  • Get up to date with recent legislative changes to IP and Copyright Law and understand the current legal framework 
  • Gain a clear understanding about what you can and can't use and where your greatest risks lie 
  • Anticipate and avoid trouble with uncleared permissions and costly challenges
  • Gain confidence in building your own policy for compliance and risk assessment 

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1 day
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Richard Balkwill
£445 plus VAT
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This course is run by:
Richard Balkwill runs our Copyright and Finance in Publishing courses. Richard taught publishing law at City University and was a senior lecturer on the publishing courses at Oxford Brookes, where he is now an associate consultant for the International Centre for Publishing Studies. Richard has long experience as a publisher at Ginn, Nelson, Macmillan (publishing director of the education division in the 1980s) and as managing director at Heinemann Library when it was part of Reed Elsevier. In 1992 he set up Copytrain as an independent consultancy offering training and copyright advice to companies and individuals. The main focus of Richard’s current work is on advice and consultancy to organisations and institutions working out policies and protocols for the management of rights in a digital environment. This includes publishers seeking to draft and devise new contracts, and responding to the challenges posed by the Open Access movement and Creative Commons licences. Richard is much in demand as speaker, writer and trainer. Kogan Page have recently published his co-authored book The Professionals’ Guide to Publishing.