Practical Colour Management for Designers
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This course will show you how to use colour management (CM) in your workflow to manage expectations and increase your control over the final printed result.

The course will take you through the basics, going beyond theory to the practical application, showing you the benefits of a colour managed workflow.  

You will see and understand the differences that colour profiles make and learn which are the best ones to use in your workflow.

The course covers the limitations of CMYK printing gamuts and the printing standards, and how using this knowledge within a CM workflow can help you remove the unexpected and produce consistent predictable colour. 

You will learn how to assess and adjust images appropriately for different papers and print conditions.  

This is a very practical day that will provide you with the tools, skills and terminology to take control and improve your colour throughout the book production process.

Who is the course aimed at?
Book Designers


  • Improved colour consistency and predictable print results 
  • Understand when and how to use colour management
  • Have better control over the final printed result
  • Gain confidence in assessing images for print
  • Learn to recognise typical flaws in images
  • Get the tools and understanding of what is required to improve images
  • Develop the terminology to communicate confidently about colour issues 

A very thorough and interesting course. It went above and beyond my expectations Al Richardson was an excellent trainer. He was extremely knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. As the course was a small group of people there was an opportunity for him to tailor his questions and information to everyone's specific needs in the industry A truly excellent course – every designer, photographer or illustrator could benefit from it.

Marianne Thompson – Summersdale Publishers

Course summary
15th Oct
1 Day
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Al Richardson
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This course is run by:
Alistair runs Imago's colour management courses and worked for DK and Penguin for 10 years as their lead Creative Technical Support. His role crossed the boundaries of Production, Design and Print, and he has gained a thorough and comprehensive insight to colour management and it's application throughout many different workflows. He was instrumental in the implementation of hi-res working within Penguin, and the introduction of colour management throughout their divisions. Outside Penguin, he was a main technical contact for a major UK printer when they introduced Press Sign, and ensured the successful uptake by both supplier and client of this system. He has provided numerous varied training courses across both Penguin and DK, ranging from hands-on Software implementation to complex technical print and colour management courses for Designers and Production Staff.