Maximising and Managing your Time
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In this workshop you will learn some useful tools and techniques to maximise the time you have at work and concentrate on the things that will be of most value. We will also think about your work/life balance and how to achieve your aspirations in both areas, taking into account that time is limited. Next we look at new neuroscience research about how the brain works and how we can increase our productivity by ensuring that we are in the best frame of mind to deliver what we need to do.

Who is the course aimed at?
All those who would like to understand and increase their effectiveness, efficiency and productivity both at work and at home.
  • Learn useful tools and techniques to manage, prioritise and plan your time.
  • Find out how to maximise your brain’s potential to be productive.
  • Minimise and manage emotional states that impact on your effectiveness.
  • Focus on the areas of your life that are the most important for you to succeed.

Key Areas

  • Tools and techniques to manage time.
  • Barriers that get in the way of productivity.
  • Wheel of Life: Working out your work/life balance.
  • How to maximise conditions for your brain to work to its full potential.
  • How to reduce emotional states that impact on performance.
  • Action plan.


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1 Day
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Leanne Hoffman
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This course is run by:
Leanne Hoffman is a coach, trainer and consultant with a background and understanding of publishing, specialising in leadership, employee and organisational development. Leanne headed up Leadership & Development for Sage Publications for over 10 years, delivering Personal Effectiveness Workshops and various Management and Directors Level Development Programmes. Prior to that she worked for a range of companies including large corporates like Andersen Consulting and Tesco. Over the years Leanne has learnt much about how to motivate, engage and develop people so they can perform to the best of their abilities and contribute significantly to the organisations they work for. In addition Leanne is a registered and accredited psychotherapist with 10 years experience of working with patients. Leanne uses this experience to inform the design of her workshops and often includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tools to help build self-awareness and manage emotional responses.