Presenting for Impact
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We start with lots of exercises to help improve body language, project our voice, intonate and speak with conviction, focusing on the performance that is a key part of presenting.  Next we move on to looking at how to plan, structure and prepare for your presentation so you engage and hold your audience. We focus on including the “why”; why should someone listen and why will they benefit or be interested in what you are saying to gain their attention from the beginning. There is a section on how to manage and reduce nerves that tackles the irrationality of getting scared about talking in front of a group when we are all good informal speakers. To conclude the day you will have a chance to practice presenting and getting feedback in a safe and supportive environment.

Who is the course aimed at?
All those who want to improve their skills in presenting and talking to groups.
  • Improves your influence and impact when presenting.
  • Reduces nerves.
  • Increases your confidence and gravitas.
  • Helps create content that is engaging.
  • Helps you connect and hold the attention of your audience.

Key Areas

  • Exercises to improve body language, voice projection, breathing and intonation.
  • Planning, structuring and preparing your presentations.
  • Understanding, managing and reducing nerves.
  • Practising presenting and feedback.


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1 Day
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Leanne Hoffman
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This course is run by:
Leanne Hoffman is a coach, trainer and consultant with a background and understanding of publishing, specialising in leadership, employee and organisational development. Leanne headed up Leadership & Development for Sage Publications for over 10 years, delivering Personal Effectiveness Workshops and various Management and Directors Level Development Programmes. Prior to that she worked for a range of companies including large corporates like Andersen Consulting and Tesco. Over the years Leanne has learnt much about how to motivate, engage and develop people so they can perform to the best of their abilities and contribute significantly to the organisations they work for. In addition Leanne is a registered and accredited psychotherapist with 10 years experience of working with patients. Leanne uses this experience to inform the design of her workshops and often includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tools to help build self-awareness and manage emotional responses.